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Cornilleau Table Tennis – The Old Story Of A New Generation

Just imagine adorable children running around you, excited women talking about beautiful and powerful men, an old man who decides the destiny of tennis players. Did you feel it? It’s all about the beginnings of Cornilleau Table Tennis Tables! Everything […]

Cornilleau Table Tennis Table: From a Simple Hobby to Competitive Play

Table Tennis is enjoyed worldwide by people of all ages and skill levels, and Cornilleau table tennis tables suit every level of play. With over 35 years of experience, Cornilleau is the world leader in table tennis tables. The special […]

Cornilleau Table Tennis – Redefining Fun Both Indoors And Outdoors

If you are passionate about playing indoor sports, you would do well to at least check out Cornilleau Table Tennis tables. As the lead manufacturer of tennis tables for over 40 years, Cornilleau provides some of the most stable, beautiful […]

Cornilleau Table Tennis and the Benefits of Indoor Sport

You may ask yourself, “Why should I even look at a products like Cornilleau Table Tennis tables, when I can go outside and play tennis on an open field?” We try to offer an answer to this question and many […]

Cornilleau Table Tennis – Play Like A Pro, Never Leave Your Home

If you love table tennis, but do not have the time to join a sports club, then Cornilleau table tennis equipment is the answer to your conundrum. It is the ultimate experience in leisure table tennis games, with a whole […]